Detail Packages


Jarelle Details provides a comprehensive interior and trunk deep cleaning, including steam treatment. Leather upholstery is gently cleansed with a pH-neutral solution and conditioned to restore its natural luster. Carpets, mats, and fabric seats receive a thorough clean and shampoo extraction. Dashboards, center consoles, and door panels are meticulously cleaned and treated with a protective dressing to revive their original look. Windows are polished to a streak-free shine.

Please note, additional fees may apply for extreme soiling or excessive pet hair. Feel free to contact us via email for a free quote or visit our location at your convenience.


$75  $75/ large vehicles +$50

Scratch-free wash (2 bucket method)

Cleaning door jambs and door sills

Cleaning rims, tires and wheel arches

Dry with warm air and plush microfiber

Spray wax/sealant

Tire dressing

Vacuum the interior

Dusting the interior

Cleaning windows and mirrors


$350  $300/ large vehicles +$50

Two-Bucket Hand Wash

Clay Bar Treatment

High-Gloss Polish and Sealant

Wheel and Tire Detailing

Interior Deep Cleaning

Minor Stain Removal

Window and Mirror Cleaning

Final Quality Check


$1,000  $850/ large vehicles +$100

Complete Exterior Detail

Full Clay Bar and Fine-Polish Treatment

Multi-Stage Paint Correction

Ceramic Coating Application

Engine Bay Cleaning and Dressing

Comprehensive Interior Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Leaves it in "like-new" condition


(*) The above prices apply to the average city car and passenger car. Large cars such as sedans, station wagons and SUVs are always at an additional cost of $50 or more. Oversize vehicles such as vans and trucks only on request. All prices are based on average pollution and the condition of the vehicle. Prices are exclusive of VAT and indicative. Each car in itself is unique and needs a different approach or longer period of time. For the most correct price, please contact us for an appointment. See also our general terms and conditions .