Interior Cleaning


The entire interior and trunk undergo a deep/steam cleaning. Leather upholstery is cleaned with a pH-neutral leather cleaner and then treated with a conditioner. Carpets, mats and fabric seats undergo deep cleaning and shampoo extraction. Dashboard, center console and door panels are cleaned and then protected with a dressing to achieve their original appearance. The windows are cleaned streak-free.

In case of serious pollution or a lot of dog/cat hair, an additional charge may be charged. Request a no-obligation quote by contacting us by email or visit our location without obligation.


$250/ large vehicles +$50

Clean dashboard, center console and door panels

Cleaning and nourishing leather seats

Cleaning fabric seats (shampoo extraction)

Cleaning car mats and carpet (shampoo extraction)

Treating plastic parts (UV protection, new look)

Clean windows streak-free


$20/ large vehicles +$20 add on ONLY

Deodorizing car interior

Removing bad odors

Ozone gas neutralizes even the smallest corners

Only possible after interior cleaning


$50/ large vehicles +$50 add on ONLY

Penetrates and removes dirt, grime, and bacteria from all surfaces.

Uses only water, no harsh chemicals.

Gentle on upholstery, leather, and plastics.

Effectively removes odors and leaves a fresh scent.

Kills germs and allergens for a healthier interior environment.


(*) The above prices apply to the average city car and passenger car. Large cars such as sedans, station wagons and SUVs are always at an additional cost of $50 or more. Oversize vehicles such as vans and trucks only on request. All prices are based on average pollution and the condition of the vehicle. Prices are exclusive of VAT and indicative. Each car in itself is unique and needs a different approach or longer period of time. For the most correct price, please contact us for an appointment. See also our general terms and conditions .